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Peter Scharff Photography has many years of experience photography field, we specialise in stunning portraits, landscape art and event photography all with professional but human feel in our approach to your special day or event. Peter Scharff is a published photographer with his work appearing numerous books, most lately Google's 'Plus One Collection 2012' which is a collection of Google+ best photos voted from 2012.

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We aim to supply stunning images and fine art to you

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I was fortunate enough to grow up around a lot of technology with my father being an electrical engineer, we would have loads of bits of record players, radios and televisions hanging around his workshops.

Of course being young I loved playing with all these spare parts around me, but after getting bored with playing with them I would often disassemble them bit by bit into a pile on the floor, I would then try to put them back together again, sometimes they worked other times not (sorry dad).

 That I guess drove in later life to wanting to know how everything works. I became interested in photography many moons ago when seeing a friends work and what she had captured on her camera, I had always loved and admired great photography and art, but now I felt it was my time, and as I do I had to fully explore it.

 The work you see here are my gatherings along the way and my take on the world I see around us, I hope you enjoy.

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